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At least 40% of the fossil fuel energy consumed in the US and the European Union is used to heat, cool and power traditionally-built structures, both homes and offices. Non-traditional, energy-neutral buildings produce as much energy onsite from renewable sources as they consume on an annual basis. For some structures, this balance is easier to achieve. Simply put, buildings that are constructed to be more energy-efficient don’t have to produce as much renewable energy to achieve energy neutrality as other buildings do.

With Structural Insulated Engineered Components (SIECs® ) made with the Zero Ready® patented technology, you can have the most energy-efficient building frame at the lowest possible cost.

High insulation

Zero Ready® Structural Insulated Engineered Components (SIECs® ) are made of hybrid material that combines the advantages of traditional timber frame with our patented polyurethane foam injection process. They use 80% less wood than traditional SIPs, and have much greater insulating power.

Custom engineered components

Our Zero Ready® SIECs® are designed by a dedicated team of engineers. Unlike traditional SIPs, all utility outlets, windows and door openings are built in. This allows us, and you, the freedom to design without limitations. What’s more, we can deliver jumbo-sized components up to 12m/40ft long by 3.3m / 10’10” tall.

Smart and economical

Our components are produced on a high-capacity automated production line featuring the latest in CAD/CAM technology. At the heart of our operation are our presses. These machines are custom- made for the production of Zero Ready® and can inject even our jumbo-sized components with our patented polyurethane injection foam. This method of production delivers optimum economies of scale, efficiency and accuracy.

Our product

The Zero Ready® Structural Insulated Engineered Components (SIECs® ) are made of hybrid material that combines the advantages of traditional timber frame with our patented polyurethane foam injection process. The precision of CAD/CAM design, combined with high-temperature and pressure PU injection technology, delivers the optimal thermal mass – the best result using the least amount of raw materials possible.

Zero Ready® Structural Insulated Engineered Components are completely customizable units produced to internationally recognized building codes at an unbeatable value. These components can be manufactured in sizes up to 12m/40ft long by 3.30m/10’10” tall.

Our manufacturing plant in Lommel, Belgium, features a fully automated production line with the capacity to produce more than 2,500 complete homes annually. As soon as they come off the production line, the floors, roof and walls (complete with windows, doors and all utility sockets and points built in) of a Zero Ready® building are ready to go. They can be delivered to a construction site and a building shell can be erected in 24 to 48 hours.

The Zero Ready® brand will have a revolutionary impact on both the new and retrofit sustainable construction industry worldwide.

Smart and economical

The Zero Ready® manufacturing model is the smart way to build better houses. It’s also an opportunity for participating manufacturers to lower their costs, improve on what they can offer their clients, and help move the building industry into the future.

Reducing complexity

Zero Ready® SIECs are easy to work with – they’re thinner, stronger and already configured for utilities. What’s more, all the frame materials can be sourced from a single manufacturer. With Zero Ready® , builders can reduce complexity, save time and cut down on labour costs.

Affordable energy neutral

Zero Ready® SIECs are economical, saving the homeowner money. They’re slimmer, too, so there’s more interior space. Their strength and versatility mean that the creativity of home design is only limited by the buyer’s imagination.

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Our philosophy

Smart and economical

Traditional building methods no longer meet our environmental needs. They can’t help us achieve a balance in our lifestyles, and they aren’t economical, either. With conventional construction, labour costs can eat up more than 70% of your building budget, and once the building is standing, there are higher energy costs to run it.

At Zero Ready® , we truly believe that your home or office should be an asset and not a financial burden, and we’re doing something about it. Today’s standards of responsible and intelligent living compel us to innovate and automate, making a better, greener product – less expensively – for a brighter future. All of this is only possible with the support of our partners.

Strategic partnerships

Zero Ready® Structural Insulated Engineered Components or SIEC’s are a hybrid of traditional timber frame combined with our patented Polyurethane foam injection process. We use 80% less wood then traditional SIPS.

State of the art

The Zero Ready® assembly line consists of state of the art custom-designed prefabricated housing manufacturing equipment operating on the latest CAD/CAM software. The hardware product range consists of CNC cut saws, wall, floor and roof lines, roof truss systems, butterfly tables and, the heart of the system, our patented foam injection equipment. One fully automated factory is capable of producing up to 10,000 homes per year.

Unprecedented combination

This unprecedented combination of software, hardware and economies of scale result in a construction technology aimed at making energy neutral buildings finally accessible to the mass market.

Our facility

Our first production plant is located in Lommel Belgium where we operate out of a 20,000 sq. m/ 200,00sq ft manufacturing facility equipped with 2.3 MegaWatts of solar photovoltaics.

The facilty features an assembly-line configuration of custom designes machinery developed in close cooperation with our engineers and technology partners. At full capacity the factory can produce a complete starter home shell (wall, floors and roof components) every 18 minutes. It is these economies of scale that allows us to produce highly energy efficient structural building shells for an unparalleled value.

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